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Allen Explorer is a file management software
designed to replace "This PC"
Chrome-style interface with a clean and aesthetic design,
includes multiple tab pages, dual workspaces, bookmarks, a navigation bar.
Users can preview, pin, mark, and add notes to file items.
With powerful capabilities such as file comparison, folder organization, etc.
it significantly enhances the efficiency of file management
Download Portable Version
Size: 45.7 MB
Latest version: v6.44
Release date: 2024-5-6
Features of Allen Explorer
1.Aesthetic Interface
Allen Explorer adopts a Chrome-style interface design, with interface icons reconstructed based on the Fluent style. It supports customization of various interface elements such as overall appearance, cursor style, line height, icon size, font size, and font type. The software also provides options for selecting multiple themes and colors to personalize the user experience.
2.Multiple Tab Pages
Allen Explorer features top-of-the-screen tab pages, supporting operations such as overview, copy, conditional close, and undo/redo for the tabs. Users can easily drag and drop file items directly onto the tab pages for efficient moving or copying, effectively avoiding clutter on the Windows taskbar.
3.Dual Workspaces
Allen Explorer supports two types of dual workspace modes: "Left/Right" and "Top/Bottom," making it convenient for comparing and organizing file items.
Allen Explorer boasts a robust bookmarking feature, allowing users to directly drag and drop folders, files, and software onto the bookmark bar for quick access. It supports unlimited hierarchical nesting, significantly simplifying the process of opening frequently used file items.
5.Navigation Bar
Allen Explorer supports various styles of navigation bars, including "Quick Icons & Directory Tree," "Directory Tree," "Quick Launch," and "Quick Icons." Users can set their preferred "Common Folders" for direct access to target folders. Additionally, the directory tree features auxiliary functions such as "Automatic Path Tracking" and "Intelligent Folding" to enhance operational efficiency.
6.Display Optimization
Allen Explorer automatically displays information such as "Subproject Count," "Folder Size," "Image File Resolution," and "File Item Modification Date." Users can press the "Spacebar" to preview the contents of images, videos, zip files, or folders. If the QuickLook plugin is installed, it also enables previewing of files in additional formats, including PDFs, Word documents, Excel sheets, and more.
7.Enhanced Operations
Allen Explorer enhances the capabilities for managing file items, including features such as "Pin," "Add Notes," "Set Progress," and "Mark with Color." Users can navigate to the parent folder by double-clicking in empty space, benefit from "Auto Width for Names," automatically record recently opened files, and invoke/pin the system context menu as needed.
8.Search Optimization
Allen Explorer seamlessly integrates with "Everything" for lightning-fast search based on file names. Users can also install the "AnyTXT Searcher" plugin with a single click to conduct rapid searches within the content of PDFs, Word documents, and other file types. Additionally, the software offers filtering and locating functions within folders.
9.Software Integration
Allen Explorer comes with built-in tools for tasks such as "File Difference Comparison," "File Hash Value Calculation," "File Shredding," and "Cleaning Empty Folders." It seamlessly integrates with compression/decompression software like "Bandizip," text editing software like "Notepad++," image viewing software like "Honeyview," batch renaming software like "Ant Renamer 2," and advanced file copying software like "FastCopy." This comprehensive integration provides users with an experience that surpasses the default software offerings in Windows.
10.Powerful Configuration
Allen Explorer allows users to customize various details of the software, including "Keyboard Shortcuts," "Toolbar Buttons," and "Context Menu Options."
** Additional Features **
In addition, Allen Explorer offers supplementary features such as "Window Assistant," "Clipboard Assistant," "Search Assistant," and "File Dialog Assistant."