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Allen Explorer is a file management software
that can replace "This PC"
Chrome-like interface design, sleek and attractive
Supports features such as multiple tabs, bookmarks, dual-pane mode, etc.
Can set files/folders to be Topmost, Color-marked, and with Notes
Greatly optimizes the user experience for file operations
Download Portable Version
Size: 43.9 MB
Latest version: v6.03
Release date: 2023-11-19
Features of Allen Explorer
Beautiful interface
Allen Explorer adopts a Chrome-like interface design, with redesigned main interface icons (in Fluent style) and supports customization of interface elements such as row height, icon size, font size, and font type. It also supports multiple themes and colors.
Multiple tab pages
Allen Explorer has top tab pages that support tab overview, copying, conditional closure, and drag-and-drop of files to complete move or copy operations, effectively avoiding the clutter of the Windows taskbar.
Dual workspaces
Allen Explorer supports two dual workspace modes: left-right and up-down, making it convenient to compare and organize files.
Allen Explorer has powerful favorite functions that allow you to drag and drop folders, files, and software directly to the favorite bar for easy access. It also supports infinite-level collection, greatly simplifying the steps to open commonly used files.
Display optimization
Allen Explorer can automatically display the number of sub-items in a folder, folder size, image file resolution, and the lifespan of file modification date/creation date.
Operation optimization
Allen Explorer comprehensively optimizes the operation experience, including restoring the last closed page, setting the priority, adding notes, setting progress, and marking colors for file items. Double-clicking on a blank space returns to the previous hierarchy, automatically adjusting the width of names, unlimited undo/redo, calling the system right-click menu, and customizing the right-click menu.
Query optimization
Allen Explorer seamlessly integrates with Everything for fast searching based on file names. It can also install the content search tool AnyTXT Searcher with one click for searching file content. The software also optimizes the search function (only within folders) and filtering function.
Quick start
Allen Explorer can customize directory trees, quick start, and shortcut icons to reach various levels of file directories quickly.
Directory tree
Allen Explorer has directory tree operations such as automatic path tracking and intelligent folding.
File viewing mode
Allen Explorer supports various viewing modes such as list and thumbnail views. By clicking the space bar, you can directly preview the content of image/video files or folders. If you have installed the QuickLook plugin, you can also preview more file formats.
Software integration
Allen Explorer seamlessly integrates with Bandizip for compression/decompression, Notepad++ for text editing, Honeyview for image viewing, Ant Renamer 2 for batch renaming, and FastCopy for advanced file copying. The user experience exceeds that of Windows native software or similar domestic software. You can choose not to enable it and use similar software you have installed instead.
Powerful settings
Allen Explorer supports setting various software details, including hotkeys, toolbar buttons, common folders, system folders, etc.
Additional features
Allen Explorer natively supports additional features such as comparing file differences, calculating file hash values, shredding files, cleaning duplicate files, and cleaning empty folders.
Window assistant & clipboard assistant
Allen Explorer natively supports one-click window size adjustment and window top function, and greatly enhances Windows' native text clipboard and image pasteboard functions.