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Frequently Asked Questions about Allen Explorer
During the installation of Allen Explorer, my security software warned about potential risks. Does your software contain viruses?
Allen Explorer is a basic file management program that requires certain advanced system permissions, which may trigger warnings from some security software. If you encounter prompts during the installation process, such as for modifying the registry or adding scheduled tasks, please click on "Allow" or "Trust" buttons to proceed.
I set Allen Explorer as the default file manager and also configured the Win+E shortcut key, but neither is taking effect. Why is this happening?
According to Windows system specifications, setting the default file manager or configuring the Win+E shortcut key requires modifications to the registry. It's possible that the security software on your computer is preventing Allen Explorer from making changes to the registry, causing the settings not to take effect. In such cases, you need to add Allen Explorer to the security whitelist and then try configuring the settings again.
I often use a specific option in the right-click menu of the Windows system (e.g., converting image formats using xx software), but I don't see that option in the Allen Explorer right-click menu. How can I resolve this?
You can select the corresponding file or folder in Allen Explorer, right-click, and choose the "System Menu" option to bring up the right-click menu of the Windows system. If you frequently use this option, you can utilize the "Pin system menu items here" feature to pin your commonly used system menu items to the right-click menu of this software.
The right-click menu option I frequently use is now tucked away in "More", while less frequently used options are directly displayed in the primary menu. Can I adjust this?
You can go to "Settings" - "Right-click Menu" - "Built-in Menu Items" to set the menu items to either "Folded" or "Unfolded" in the right-click menu.
How to set the default mode for the workspace? I want the dual workspace to appear when opening a new tab.
You can configure four workspace modes in "Settings" - "Tab page" - "Default Workspace Mode for new tab," including "Full Workspace," "Left/Right workspaces," "Up/Down workspaces," and "Copy the Current Tab" Additionally, by right-clicking on the "+" button located on the right side of the tab bar above the main window, you can choose the workspace mode for creating new tabs.
My screen resolution is not high, and in dual workspace mode, the two address bars corresponding to the two workspaces are too narrow to use. May I ask if it's possible to have both workspaces share a single address bar?
You can configure this in "Settings" - "General Controls" - "Dual Workspaces sharing a single address bar".
How can I set the default style for the left-side navigation bar?
Right-click on the "Start" or "Tree" button at the upper left corner of the Allen Explorer main interface to set the default style for the navigation bar.
How do I open the preview pane?
Click on the "Layout" button at the upper right corner of the Allen Explorer main interface, then choose the navigation pane style to open the preview pane.
What are some convenient hidden operations?
1.Hold down Shift and right-click to directly invoke the system right-click menu.
2.Hold down Shift while dragging file items to force-move files; hold down Ctrl while dragging file items to force-copy files; hold down Alt while dragging file items to create shortcuts.
3.In the address bar, type cmd or ps to open CMD and PowerShell in the current path.
4.After selecting files/folders, press the Spacebar to preview the selected files/folders.
5.Shift + mouse scroll wheel allows horizontal scrolling; Ctrl + mouse scroll wheel enables switching between display modes.
What are the fixed default keyboard shortcuts?
F1: Properties F2: Rename
F5: Refresh Enter: Open/Enter
Backspace / Ctrl+Shift+↑: Go back Shift+Enter: Open folder in a new tab
Ctrl+Shift+←: Navigate backward Ctrl+Shift+→: Navigate forward
Ctrl+F: Search F3: Find/Find next
Ctrl+C/X: Copy/Cut Ctrl+V: Paste
Delete: Delete Shift+Delete: Permanent delete
Ctrl+Z: Undo Ctrl+Y: Redo
Home: Go to the top End: Go to the bottom
PageUp: Previous page PageDown: Next page
Can copied text be directly saved as a text file? Can screenshots be directly saved as image files?
When the clipboard contains text information, right-clicking within a folder will show the option "Paste as TXT File" in the context menu, allowing you to directly paste and generate a text file. Similarly, when the clipboard contains image information, you can also directly paste it as an image file.
I clicked on the search box (or pressed Ctrl+F shortcut), the search window popped up, but I can't find any files. How do I resolve this?
Allen Explorer deeply integrates with Everything, utilizing its service interface for file searches. Please ensure that Everything is running and configured properly.
My phone is connected to the computer via a data cable, but Allen Explorer is not responding.
Allen Explorer currently does not support file management for mobile devices.
What is the use case for the "Folder forced to open with Windows File Explorer" setting in the software?
Folders set here will open by default in Windows File Explorer instead of Allen Explorer (even if this software is set as the default file manager). This feature is designed to address advanced usage scenarios involving various cloud drives, SVN, and other special folders.
After uninstalling Allen Explorer, I encounter the error "Explorer.exe cannot find the application" or "Win+E shortcut key is not working" when opening folders. How do I resolve this?
Click here to download the "cleanup program." Ensure that your security software (such as Kaspersky, 360, etc.) allows the "cleanup program" to modify the registry when running it.